On episode 08 of the History of Pirates Podcast, we look at the Biggest and Baddest of all the Ancient Pirate Groups…The Cilicians. We’ll look at where they live and how they do that pirating thing so well…. Big shout out to our newest pirate lords who’ve donated to the history of pirates podcast via… Read More

In Episode 06 we have another Amazing Guest introduction ! We look at The Island of Rhodes and the Tyrrhenian Pirates that drive them up the wall.  We look at the Etruscan Pirates and the torture they used on many Greek Captives. As well we Thank our First Three Pirate Lords for Donating to the… Read More

In the upcoming episode we’ll look at the Ancient Pirates of the Mediterranean and the powers that had to deal with them, or at least…tried to deal with them. I’ve made two maps that will help explain the locations we’ll be talking about in the Episode.     This Map shows the Bronze Ages Societies… Read More