Evening Crew,

Welcome to the website part about me…. Captain Craigbuddy

I’m not a Historian, or a Teacher…. or a REAL Captain!



I’m just a huge fan of  Pirate History, and I’ve always liked listening to History Podcasts covering almost every period of time, however i was amazed that i couldn’t find a podcast devoted to Pirate History.

Fast-Forward through a history Learning/Re-learning/Reading/Writing Notes Montage, and we’ve reached the beginning of a History Podcast about Pirates, launched Nov 2014.

…Or at least My Attempt at explaining the myths and legends, the people and places that make Pirates so interesting, so many hundreds of years after the high watermark of piracy has ended.

I was born In England, but moved to Canada with my family at the age of 7. I studied Civil Engineering at College, but was always drawn towards History on the side.  I’m currently 29 years old, living with my girlfriend and 2 cats….

I figure it’s about time I find 3 other being to talk to about Pirate History with…. Hopefully, That’s you!

Enjoy the Podcast!   You’re now officially Part of The Crew! 

Any questions I’d love to hear them.

 Your friend, and Self-Proclaimed Pirate Captain,


Captain Craigbuddy


71 comments on “About Craigbuddy

  • Just starting listening. Well done! I am just finishing reading The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard and really got into pirates. Was interested in asking if you plan a bibliography for the website or an episode in the future on authors of piracy to compare or contrast them? Best of luck and keep em coming.

  • Found this podcast in December 2014. I’m particularly fascinated by the history of the Golden Age, but I love that you’re going way WAY back. Happy to be a member of the crew, look forward to more episodes! Thank you.

  • I am really enjoying your podcast and learning about pirates. I also really enjoy the maps to go with the podcasts and the list of reading materials. I need to read some of those books. Keep up with the great job!

    • Thanks Jim, I’m glad you’re liking the podcast. The next episode on Pirate Media will be out really soon… And i got a small surprise at the beginning of the episode. Thanks again Jim! Keep on listening :)… And leave a 5 Star Review on itunes if you’re able 😉 lol. Stay Well

  • I just finished the latest podcast, great stuff. Have you checked out the band Alestorm? Pirate themed metal from Scotland.

    • Hey John. No i haven’t heard of that band before, but if its got pirates I’m their. Glad you like the podcast, our QM also showed me a Pirate Band, when i find the name again ( its in my notes ) i’ll post it. Thanks again John !

  • I just stumbled upon this podcast. I have been waiting for someone to do a history of Pirates for a long time! I have really enjoyed your first few podcasts. I’m really excited to see what you can do with this fascinating subject!

    • Thanks Andy! I’ve stumbled onto a few pod casts luckily, hopefully i will do you proud. I was surprised pirates weren’t already Podcasted about, but figured if I was going to do it on any subject, I might as well do it about Pirates. Glad to have you with the crew Andy!

  • I found your podcast through Lance at History of the Christian Church podcast and I am quite enjoying it. Keep up the good work, looking forward to more. Thanks.

  • Hey Craig.
    My name is Mikey are a run a BBQ podcast and am a big fan of your show. Im sending you this message in a bottle in hopes that maybe I can get a reply from you. I was hope that we could chat BBQ from a Pirates point of view. Since I look at cooking with an open flame to be BBQ I think you could have a lot to say about this. I hope this gets to you and I hear back.
    Mikey Kay

  • Ahoy thar, Cap’n
    Drifted onto your podcast in March and have enjoyed catching up on the old ones and eagerly await the new ones.
    My crew & I are taking a trip to Turkey this summer and will spend part of that time cruising the waters on a Gullet. Your episodes on the ancient pirates and the maps that go with them are great reference points for some of our trips.

  • Ahoy vey!! Just tuned in and hope you’ll include an episode exploring Jewish pirates. Word on the street is Spanish Jews exiled in the Inquisition turned into some bad ass pirates.

  • I recently found your podcast when looking for something to add to the collection for a very long daily commute, and have really enjoyed it. Your passion for the subject is obvious. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • I am so thrilled you started with early pirates. I am really interested in the Sea Peoples. Keep the interesting facts coming!

  • I hope you make more episodes soon. I’m new to podcasts, but enjoy this pirate history the best so far! When you get into the topic of the podcast I really learn a lot.

  • Great job with this project! I’m late
    to the party, and still catching up, but after four episodes I am a definite fan! Looking forward to learning more…. Thanks Capt’n Buddy!

  • Craig, I love the history of pirates podcast, so glad someone did this, it’s not too long nor too short. I’ll be a regular listener and tell others about it as well-great job!

  • Listening to the Life of Caesar podcast and heard them mention your wonderful Canadian gift package waaaaaaay back in episode 6. Mad respect for your support of history and fellow podcasters as well as your courage to start your own show. Keep on spreading the knowledge.

    • i have thought of doing a music episode, but i dont know how much i could get away with without people arguing “what is and isn’t “music… lol. its a great idea though, cool band.

  • I love your podcast! Please keep the episodes coming. I listen to them while beach combing. Maybe I’ll find some pirate treasure?!? Yarrrr!

  • Its Her Majesty’s Navy for me! Who is with me? Amnesty, honor, and double rations of rum for anyone who will join with me! We will loose the cat and make the skuppers run red!

  • Absolutely love this podcast! Keep up the great work! One of my all time favorite subjects to learn about and I can’t get enough of these. Thanks!

  • Captain Craig, on behalf of the crew I would like to kindly request more episodes…lest there be mutiny. Thanks for your hard work. Keep the cannons blazing.

    • Jim Bob …. did i hear the word “mutiny”? Well…actually thats fair, i have been gone a few months. But no worries, I am back now. Real life took the front seat for a few months, but i think we will be out sailing soon enough 🙂

  • I only recently discovered your podcast and have been very much enjoying it.
    What is the violin diddy you use for your entry and exit music? I would like to add it to my small but growing playlist of sea shanties.
    Are there any other similar pieces of music you might recommend?

  • Are you planning on continuing the podcast? I have really enjoyed so far, I am the captain of the s/v Akhu Lani currently moored on green turtle cay, sea of abaco, bahamas.

  • Just giving my Canadian Captain an idea about other pirates. There are river pirates and here in Illinois, USA we have a cave on the Ohio river that was a brothel and gambling den that lured in flat boats. Disney made a fictional movie there as well. Davy Crokett and the river pirates. I do not recommend though.

    • That sounded great!!!! If you ever wanted to the song played on HoPP, let me know and send me a copy. Or you can do a small version of it and ill point them to the your website. Great song bro! well done
      Welcome to the crew!

  • Hi Craig,

    After listening to your show, I’ve added History of Pirates Podcast to my Recommended Pirate Links at Pirates & Privateers. You’ll find it under History and I gave it five pirate thumbs up. 🙂

    If you ever want me to include mention of recent podcasts in my monthly updates, just send me an e-mail.

    Fair winds and following seas,
    Cindy Vallar
    Editor, Pirates and Privateers

    • Hey Cindy! thanks for the msg. Im proud to be part of your recommended pirate links at Pirates & Privateers. Thats awesome!! If you’d like to mention any new episodes of HoPP that would be great! Cheers again 🙂

  • Hi Craig,
    Recently got back into listening to podcasts and I stumbled across yours and it’s wonderful! I’m actually an aspiring Historian and though my focus in History is not towards Atlantic Piracy, I have enjoyed reading about Piracy and their misunderstood lifestyles ever since my first Atlantic Piracy class I took during my undergraduate career. I have only heard two of the shows so far but I am hoping to hear more soon but so far, I have enjoyed what I’ve read. Thank you so much for shedding a light on such an, (I feel) often ignored group of people in history.

  • Aye Captain, came aboard after hearing from you on the latest episode of “Our Fake history”, the one about female pirates. Listened to some of your older episodes and will definitely stick with your great podcast! Is there any way to support you via Patreon?

    • Hey, welcome to the crew! i dont have a patreon, but you can donate on the website through paypal on the top right hand corner if you’d like. it goes to hosting costs, etc.

  • Captain Craig Buddy we need you! I am a loyal member of your crew. Your Pirate Podcast is one of the best podcasts if not the best, it is at least my favorite. I try to spread the gospel but the sea’s are lonely these days! You are the wind that guides our sails! We have gone so many places in our journeys but it is not enough — I am willing to sail to the edge with you — I need to sail to the edge! A crew is not a crew without a captain, and I can think of none better than yourself.
    The Sea’s are waiting,

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