Very Important Pirates, Privateers, Buccaneers, etc


 Name: Samuel Bellamy

Nickname: “Black Sam” Bellamy, “The Prince of PIrates”, “Black Bellamy”, “Robin Hood of the Sea”

Type: Pirate

Rank: Captain

Born: c February 23rd, 1689

Place of Birth: Hittisleigh, Devon, England

Died: April 26th, 1717 (Age 28)

Place of Death: Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Years Active: 1716 to 1717

Commands: Postillion, Mary Anne, Sultana, Whydah Gally

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $120 million


# 2.

Name: Sir Francis Drake

Nickname: El Draque, Draco , “The Dragon”


Type: Privateer

Rank: Vice Admiral

Born: ca 1540

Died: January 27th, 1596  (Aged 55)

Place of Death: Portobello, Panama

Years Active: 1563 to 1596

Base of Operations:  Caribbean Sea

Commands: Golden Hind, Bonaventure, Revenge

Earning in 2008 dollars: $115 million



Name: Thomas Tew

Nickname: The Rhode Island Pirate

thomas tew

Type: Pirate

Rank: Captain

Place of Birth: Greenboro, North Carolina

Died: 1695

Place of Death: Arabian Sea

Years Active: 1692 – 1695

Base of Operations: Newport, Rhode Island, New York City & Indian Ocean

Possible Pirate Flag:


Commands: Amity

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $103 million



Name: John Bowen

Type: Pirate

Rank: Captain

Place of Birth: Bermuda

Died: 1704

Place of Birth: Mascarene Islands

Years Active: 1700-1704

Base of Operations: Indian Ocean, Red Sea

Commands: Speaker, Speedy Return, Defiant

Earning in 2008 dollars: $40 million


# 5.

Name: Bartholomew Roberts

Nickname: “Black Bart”


Type: Pirate

Rank: Captain

Born: 17th of May 1682

Place of Birth: Pembrokeshire, Wales

Died: 10th of February 1722 (Age 39)

Place of Death: At sea off Cape Lopez, Gabon

Years Active: 1719 to 1722

Captured: 470 Vessels approx.

Base of Operations: Coast of Americas, West Africa

1st Pirate Flag: 

Shows Black Bart himself with Death holding an hourglass which signified to the onlooker that time has run out.


2nd Pirate Flag:

Black Bart’s Second Flag shows himself standing on  two skulls, representing the head of a Barbadian ( ABH ) and the head of a Martinican (AMH)

He had this created after being attacked by Sloops sent from the two ports to capture Pirates, Black Bart had to retreat, lost many men and swore vengeance!


Friends / Connections:  Pirate Captain Howell Davis

Commands: Royal Rover, Good Fortune, Royal Fortune, Ranger, Little Ranger

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $32 million


# 6

Name: Jean Fleury / Florin 

Type: Corsair

Rank: Captain

Born: ?

Place of Birth: Normandy, France

Died: 1527

Place of Death: Toledo, Spain

Allegiance: France

Years Active: 1521 to 1527

Best known For: The capture of two out of the three Spanish galleons carrying the Aztec treasure from Mexico to Spain in 1522.

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $31.5 million



Name: Thomas White

Type: Pirate

Rank: Captain

Born: Plymouth, England

Died: Madagascar

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $16 million



Name: John Halsey

Type: Privateer from 1704 to 1705  & Pirate from 1705 to 1708

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts

Died: 1708 ( Aged Approx 45 )

Place of Death: Madagascar

Allegiance: Great Britain ( while a Privateer )

Years Active: 1704 to 1708

Base of Operations: Atlantic Ocean & Madagascar

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $13 million



Name: Sir Henry Morgan


Nickname: Morgan “the Terrible” by the Spanish

Type: Privateer / Pirate ( Depends who you ask )

Born: c 1635

Place of BIrth: South Wales

Died: 25th of August,1688 ( Aged Approx 54 )

Allegiance: Kingdom of England

Years Active: 1663 to 1674

Base of Operations: Caribbean Sea

Later Job : Becomes the Governor of Jamaica

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $13 million



Name:  Captain Edward Teach/ Thatch

Nickname: Blackbeard


Type: Pirate

Born: c 1680

Place of Birth: Bristol, England

Died: 22nd of November 1718

Place of Death: Ocracoke, Province of Carolina

Years Active: 1716 to 1718

Based of Operations: The Atlantic

Pirate Flag: 


Friends / Connections:  Worked with Captain Benjamin Hornigold

Commands: Queen Anne’s Revenge, Adventure

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $12.5 Million



Name: Samuel Burgess

Rank: Captain

Type: Privateer , Then Pirate

Born: c 1650

Place of Birth: New York

Died: 1716 ( Aged 66 )

Place of Death: Madagascar

Base of Operations: Atlantic, Madagascar

Friends / Connections :  

– Captain Samuel Burgess was a member of Captain William Kidd’s crew in 1690 when the Blessed William was seized.

– Privateer / Pirate John Halsey

Commands: Margaret ( Captain of ) and Neptune ( Quartermaster of )

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $9.5 million



Name: Edward England 


Nickname: Ned

Type: Pirate

Rank: Captain

Born: c 1685

Place of Birth: Ireland

Died: 1721 ( Aged Approx 36 )

Place of Death: St Augustine’s Bay, Madagascar

Base of Operations: West Indies

Pirate Flag:


Commands: Royal James , The Fancy, + Many others

Mutiny: After a Battle against the Ship Cassandra and for sparing captives,  the Crew mutinied and marooned Edward England on an island.

Earning in 2008 dollars:   $8 millionBorn As:  Edward Seegar



Francois le Clerc
Earnings (2008 $) :
$7.5 million

14. Howell Davis
Earnings (2008 $) :
$4.5 million


# 15.

Name: Stede Bonnet

Nickname: The Gentlemen Pirate


Type: Pirate

Born:  c 1688

Place of birth  Bridgetown, Barbados

Died:   10th of December 1718 (Aged c. 30)

Place of death  Charleston, South Carolina

Years active:  1717–1718

Base of operations:  Atlantic Ocean, along East Coast of the British Colonies, and Caribbean Sea

Pirate Flag:


Commands: Revenge, later renamed Royal James

Friends/Connections:  Blackbeard

Earning in 2008 dollars:  $4.5 million




Name: Richard Worley

Type: Pirate

Pirate Flag: 

Earning in 2008 dollars:$3.5 million



17. Charles Vane
Earnings (2008 $) :
$2.3 million

18. Edward Low
Earnings (2008 $) :
$1.8 million

19. John Rackam
Earnings (2008 $) :
$1.5 million

20. James Martel
Earnings (2008 $) :
$1.5 million


Name:  Captain Henry Avery

Nickname: King Of Pirates

Born:  23rd of August 1659

Place of Birth: Plymouth,  England

Died:  after 1696

Base of operations: 

Pirate Flag: 


Years active:  1694–1696





Name Emanuel Wynne

Type: Pirate

Pirate Flag:










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