In Episode 06 we have another Amazing Guest introduction !

We look at The Island of Rhodes and the Tyrrhenian Pirates that drive them up the wall.  We look at the Etruscan Pirates and the torture they used on many Greek Captives.

As well we Thank our First Three Pirate Lords for Donating to the Podcast at the website and joining the Brethren of The Coast for the chance to win special Items and books.

6 comments on “Episode 06 – The Island of Rhodes & Tyrrhenian Pirates

    • Well Cam that may have been noted before i handed over the keys, but not after. I saw the Ship yesturday and it seemed fine, so i think we’re fine! I will keep your Jet Ski incident in mind if we pick up a Jet Ski for the Pirate Ship. As for the Yacht, it was most likely asking for it so you did good. 🙂

  • Love your podcast so far can’t wait till you get to the British pirviteeter. But keep going with your time line tillyou do. I am llearning lots. Especially the words and phrases that are used today.

  • Great podcast , put on you by the history of
    disappointed by the intro guy, I’m an Aussie and proud of our heritage , his intro was political, and not only that his facts are wrong. I won’t be listening to his podcasts as I now assume they probably have a left view ( I’m guessing Irish heritage) Shame, I don’t think he should have turned your podcast polutical.

    • Well, It was an interesting speech and i really look up to cam, so i thought i would allow him to say his piece.
      And plus… A pirate would not censor…
      Either way, Im glad to have you on the crew. welcome!

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