On today`s episode of HoPP we look at the Jolly Roger;  The nickname given to the Skull & Crossbones Pirate Flag.   We’ll look at some of the well known Pirates and the types of flags they used and cover some of the flags that weren’t actually used and were later creations from the 19th and 20th century.    We’ll focus on Stede Bonnet, Calico Jack, and Blackbeard’s flags as well as others, and we’ll also cover the terms used for different flags. Then we’ll talk about the myths behind the nickname “Jolly Roger” and where it may have came from.

The Author E.T. Fox and his excellent book ” The Jolly Rogers: The True History of Pirate Flags” was a great resource for today’s episode.  The book covers a lot more Pirate Flag lore than we’ve covered today, so make sure to grab a copy from the link’s below.  Being in Canada, i have the Canadian Amazon link, but you should be able to find it the same way on the American Link or European Link.   If the link doesn’t work, try the “E.T. FOX” and “Jolly Rogers The True History of Pirate Flags” into the search.




After the wave’s I’ll update the crew on the future of HoPP and the success of the Go Fund me Page.
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Now Grab your Eye Patch, and your Bandannas…Let’s go out a Pirating….

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