Good afternoon crew!

I have some good news for those of you who’ve requested “more episodes, more often!”     As my schedule doesn’t allow me to record like I used to, I’ve found a crew member who can help me sail HoPP and add to its content in new and interesting ways.     Introducing….Captain William Drummond…. Quartermaster of HoPP.


You may have already met Captain William when we released a special episode of HoPP on Pirate Video Games which was a bit hit with the crew.

William will help your humble Captain by recording and producing smaller Episodes for the HoPP feed that will be released more frequently.  He will also work on a Video game portion of HoPP that will allow everyone in the crew to meet up online and play video games that are pirate related…together!   #SeaOfThieves anyone?

Don’t worry, Captain CB ( and joey of course ) will still work on the normal chronological episodes, but this will just add more to the mix.


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More to come,

until next time crew….

keep your hands inside the boat…and keep an eye out for the Navy!!

Captain Cb


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