Welcome to Episode 04 of the History of Pirates Podcast !

Today we’ll focus on The Media of Pirates, and what aspects are Real and what are Fictional.

The Pirate Books, fiction and non-fiction will be discussed, as well as Pirate Movies and a very important Video Game to do with Pirates as well!

We look at Careening, Ham Night, and we have a special Guest intro ! We also discuss the History of Pirates and The 10th Annual Podcast Awards, at www.Podcastawards.com and our ability to win, if not this year, then maybe next year.

6 comments on “Episode 04 – Pirate Media: Books, Movies & Video Games

  • Ooh I just thought of two other eras of piracy I’d like to hear about. There were the raids across the Mediterranean by Arabs after Islam exploded across Norh Africa and the Levant and all the way to Spain (I’ve heard of the Normans fighting them around the 1000s C.E. In Sicily and Southern Italy, and the Byzantines even earlier (with their awesome dromons, the battleships of the day)). And then there were the Corsairs of North Africa well into the modern era. They were a force to be reckoned with even by the great European powers for decades, and the U.S. fought our first wars as a country against them.

  • Great podcast. I’ve been really enjoying the ancient stuff.

    There are a number of great books from Osprey Publishing, mostly by Angas Constam, many with fantastic illustrations by Angus McBride (arguably the greatest illustrator of “uniform” reference books).

    Oh, and I vote Sid Myer’s Pirates! and the Monkey Island series as the greatest pirate games off all time.

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