Join us as we find out just what is a Pirate?

We’ll look at the differences between Pirates and Privateers and the fine line between them.

As well as Buccaneers, Swashbucklers, Corsairs, Filibusters and Freebooters….


Would YOU have become a Pirate and or have joined the Royal Navy or a Merchant Ship?

What is a Cat of Nine Tails? Where did this free drink come from?

Where do i Sign?


3 comments on “Episode 01 – What is a Pirate?

  • Just a quick side-note, I have seen the title “Filibuster” spelled (and pronounced) as the original “Flibustier” (Flee-boost-ee-er), and that the Anglicized version did not appear until later in history (or that the latter version was the more prominent initially.
    I also recall that freebooter actually has Dutch origins rather than French, however I am not 100% on this and need to look into it more

    Anyway, love the podcasts and looking forward to more concerning the Gilded Age of Piracy! I am a lover of Pirate history myself and the Cat out of the bag and Scratch my back tidbits I never knew! Keep up the great work!

  • Well, I’ve come along late just discovering your podcast recently. But what I’ve heard so far I really love. I’ve been studying pirates for a number of years now, initially as research for some of my writing (I write humorous poetry mainly for kids but there’s enough humor for adults to enjoy too. See my web site address below.) But once I started writing I got ‘hooked’ (pun intended!) Keep up the great work. I look forward to listening to another episode or two before bed tonight.
    FYI, My pirate web site: Scallywags, Sprogs and Polliwogs!

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