Wow! I had no idea HoPP was mentioned in the best-history-podcasts-right-now-to-listen-to article on ! Very cool stuff.

Im a bit surprised but it looks like its our HoPP Podcast image along with Sir Dan Carlin’s Podcast image. How crazy is that!!?
Honored is an Understatement!

So excited for 2017 and #YearOfThePirate, i hope you all are too! Please share and spread the word 😉

Pirates are coming!!!


These History Podcasts Will Make You Fall In Love With The Past


3 comments on “Best History Podcasts Right Now To Listen To article –

  • HoPP listed with Dan Carlin – An honor, yes indeed. A surprise, not really! You do a great podcast Man!

  • Why not do the pirate that the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End character “Mistress Chang” is based off of?

    • I will when i can reach that time 🙂 It’s a great idea and i know of someone whose working on something that i will mention on the site when i hear more about it.

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