Part 2 of these special episodes of HoPP is focusing on the International Pirate Awards and the winner for Favorite Male Historical Real Pirate !


The winner as we mentioned on the last episode, is a one Blackbeard

Was he really as scary as everyone thought…

Cheers to

Gasparilla Media Website Design

Renaissance Festival Podcast

Under The Crossbones Podcast

for this excellent opportunity to be part of such a great group of Pirates.

Captain Cb’

One comment on “Episode 14 – PART 2 – Blackbeard – Fav Male Pirate – International Pirate Awards Results

  • Ahoy Cap’n!

    What be, ahem, what is the tune used as the closing theme? Its very familiar but I’m drawing a blank with the usual suspects.

    Great podcast and great to have you back in my playlist.

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