2 comments on “The highlights from the first 2 years for HoPP

  • Craig,
    Great show! My son and I have been listening to old episodes on the way to dropping him at High School most mornings. I’m an armchair historian as well and he’ll get there. Your mention of Eric Cline was especially cool for me – he was one of the sponsoring archaeologists on a dig I did getting my undergrad. Sitting in Megiddo, Israel while he lectured on the Sea People.

    Anyway – just wanted to say a big thanks. Not enough of this super quality entertainment out there. Look forward to any future work of yours. Oh – I have a vodka factory. maybe I include rum one day.

    Take Care,
    Dave Bliss

    • David! thats great to hear you and your son both listen to hopp together. I love the idea of getting to share something as awesome as history with people i care about, so the fact you both like listening to it is awesome! Proud to have you on the crew! i’ll give you a shout out on the next episode which im just editing right now in fact 🙂

      Eric Cline is really interesting, its very cool you have that connection with him. I’d love to hear more about your digs, what kind of stuff did you end up finding? Any Pirate stuff? 😉

      THanks for the “super quality entertainment” msg, that is flattering. I try to keep it intersting and fun, but im weird…so the podcast may come off as weird too. hopefully, its a good weird.

      Take Care,
      Captain Cb

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