On today’s episode of HoPP we look at the Pirates / Vikings that went to Ireland and how they were greeted by the Irish settlers, and then we turn to France and how the Vikings visited them many times before getting bored.  This episode is not as long as usual, but after the waves we give away two books to Pirate Lords who have donated to HoPP via the website www.historyofpiratespodcast.com


Big shout out to Chad Davies from the Scientific Odyssey Podcast  for today’s intro. Follow the link below to check out his podcast!



The first book we give away is : E.T Fox’s Jolly Rogers; The True History of The Pirate Flags.   Check out his website here: http://www.etfox.co.uk/index.php

The second book we give away is Brad Perri’s Pirate Mike comic book ( Second Issue! ). Check out his website here: https://piratemikecomics.com/


Your friend and Captain,



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