On the latest episode of The History of Pirates Podcast, we look at the basics of the Vikings.

Why are we talking about the Vikings on a Pirate podcast ?  Good question… Well lets cover that first.

Also we have a special guest introduction from Chris Stewart of The History of China Podcast and look at what Vikings try to steal..when they go out to plunder.  Maybe if we have time we can look at a few more Pirate …uhh…Vikings Torture methods….

After the waves, I ( Captain Craigbuddy) will explain where I’ve been the last few months, and a few thanks to members of the crew for helping with the episode.

Its finally time to do a giveaway for the first Book for our BRETHREN OF THE COAST members …. our 29 Pirate Lords donated to the podcast at www.historyofpiratespodcast.com through paypal, or using craigbuddy@historyofpiratespodcast.com.

The first book we will give away is The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard

Remeber to visit http://darkmyths.org/ to see all the members of the Dark Myths podcast collective

Welcome the crew for all our new listeners…!


3 comments on “Episode 10 – The Vikings – Pirate enough for the pirate club?

  • My captain, oh my captain….your crew is awaiting your next installment.

    I have been a member of the Brethren of the Coast from the get go and I have to say yours are some of the most, if not the most enjoyable podcasts. I love history and history podcasts and you have confirmed my continued love of same. Thank you so much

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