On episode 09 of the History of Pirates Podcast, we continue our look at The Cilician Pirates !


For Part 2, we learn about Caesar & The Pirates (Also a great cover band), as well as what i call the “Spartacus Money Grab” and then we’ll cover Pompey the Great and how he beat every single pirate into submission…all by himself.

Well not really, but it was still pretty impressive….


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Special Introduction by my good buddy Kevin Valbonesi of the “Voices from the Ages” Podcast.




3 comments on “Episode 09 – Cilician Pirates & Rome – Part 2

  • I heard about your podcast from the pirate show of the renaissance festival podcast. I have listened to all of your shows and love it. I have a couple of the books you have talked about, Under a black flag and the pirate republic. I also have one called Piracy A complete history by Angus Konstam. I would also recommend this for a read. Also, you did pretty well in saying the Latin words. I took 3 years of Latin and that was always the hard part. Also, you are getting into the vikings! I find that interesting because my wife, who is an anthropologist, is actually studying Nordic culture and history right now as well. If in your research there you need help with anything please fill free to ask. I love what you are doing and between the research power of me and my wife I would love to contribute in any way we can. I do plan on donating in the future once my job becomes stable again… P.S. I love studying pirate history because I am decedent from Privateer Sir John Hawkins, uncle of Sir Francis Drake. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next one.

    • Its in the works ( two actually ). But it takes time as usual, especially now college kicked into gear again. But I will have more to come soon! Thanks for the question buddy
      Welcome to the crew!

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