For episode 05 of the History of Pirates Podcast, we have special guest and Bloody Buccaneer Rob Monaco  giving an intro for the podcast. Thanks Rob!
We cover Ancient Pirates of the Mediterranean, with special focus on the Aegean Sea.

Then we cover Grog and discuss a possible History of Pirates Podcast Memorabilia idea and introduce the “Brethren of The Coast”.

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2 comments on “Episode 05 – Ancient Pirates of the Aegean Sea

  • After Illyria, the most active pirates came from ports in Cilicia and Crete. Legend claims that King Minos of Crete was the first ruler to form a fleet to combat piracy during the Minoan Period (c.- c. 1500 BCE). If so, his descendants veered sharply away from that policy since Crete was a popular haven for pirates by the d century BCE. The Cretan city of Hieraphytna (modern-day Ierapetra) was controlled by pirates who regularly prowled the coasts and islands of the Aegean Sea and into the Mediterranean.

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