In this episode we’ll cover the Earliest Pirates known as The Sea Peoples.


Here are two Maps to help understand the episode….

The Mediterranean Sea - c1200bce

This Map shows the Bronze Ages Societies that had to deal with The Sea Peoples.

Its interesting that the destruction and collapse of these Bronze Aged societies all starting from around the same time, in the years around 1200 BCE  and within a 50 year period the Mycenaean‘s, Minoans, and Hittites disappeared, along with most of the Canaanites, leaving the Egyptians, who after the encounter were never really the same again. 


The Mediterranean Sea - Episode 2 - Sea Peoples



Episode 2 Highlights, including Key Cities, Battles, and  Possible directions of the Sea Peoples Attacks/Migrations.


6 comments on “Episode 02 – Ancient Pirates & The Quest For Stuff !

  • Just FYI, the dot for Asia Minor’s in the wrong place. That’s Arabia, more or less. It should be up where it says “Turkey”. Asia Minor is the Asian part of present day Turkey, across the Bosporus from Istanbul/Constantinople. Helpful map, otherwise.


    • Wow, I even double checked my dots and i cant believe i missed that. Thanks alot Big J, i’ve fixed it on the map. You rock ! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it. Geography is tricky sometimes with these older maps, so do me a fav. and keep an eye out, if you see any more mistakes, send em my way. Cheers again 🙂
      – Captain Cb

  • Hey Craig, loving the series so far. This episode got me a bit by surprise when you said several of the Sea Peoples may have originated from the Adriatic Sea/Croatia. As a Croatian (who is very into Pirates, them being a big part of our heritage) this really took me by surprise. Do you have any sources for this info? Also this is also my first historical podcast and I’m loving it. Got any others you can recommend that go into depth about the peoples of antiquity?


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